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The Inquisition   Oh hai- pleased to make your acquaintance, Tumblr.
Most things interest me: music, science, art, humor, history, etc.
Current popculture interests include: Wakfu, Psychonauts, Master and Commander, Steampunk, Xelors, shitty Transformer fics.

Consider me keen. :D


the future is here and it’s horrible

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best headline of the day

You’re welcome, everyone.


best headline of the day

You’re welcome, everyone.

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The US Government:We're not going to make it federally mandatory for people to get paid a wage they can actually live off of
The US Government:If people want to make a living, they'll just have to work 16+ hours a day
The US Government:And if their kids end up disenfranchised because of a lack of parental involvement, well that's not our problem
The US Government:In fact, what is our problem is creating a system that will funnel these disenfranchised youth into our prison system so they can work for corporations (that promise us money) for damn near free
The US Government:If they don't want to fall victim to this system, then they can seek higher education
The US Government:Except such an education will be inaccessible to most disenfranchised people and skewed in favor of the financially stable and white people
The US Government:And we're not going to make intervention programs like sex education and conflict resolution federally mandatory, because that's the parent's job
The US Government:The parent who is working 16 hours a day
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Fashion of Black Teeth in Old Japan

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Chibi the conure relaxes and enjoys scritches (source)

Jacques izzat you OuO

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Pencil on paper, 2013 - Jun Cen

Original artwork for the animated short film Mutual Tunnels 

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